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     Perama is a 40,000 people town, in West Attiki. It is isolated being in the west side of Egaleo mountain, facing the sea and is among the sea storage facilities of petrol and oil and the storage facilities of toxic products of the Piraeus Port Organization.
To the district are also reflected nuisances from the wastewater biologic treatment plant of Attiki sewage in the island of Psytalia.

     The Egaleo mountain had a central role in the history and tradition since it has served as the throne of the golden-dressed king of Persia Xerxis when watching the destruction of his fleet by the Athenians at the legendary battle of Salamis.

     The Egaleo mountain has been used as a disposal center for the city wastes for the last 21 years, which solely constitute foreign material for the mountain. When it rains heavily this material is flushed as sludge polluting the inhabitant surroundings.
Today, Egaleo mountain is burned, has deteriorated and has become rocky, a limestone rock of high volume and dimensions. It has turned to a huge thermal capacitor, reflecting thermal energy to the communities it shadows, contributing thus significantly to the greenhouse effect conditions prevailing in Attiki.
It makes a rocky mass of 5,000 hectares in a central position and connects the communities with the Thriassian Plain and the incoming and outcoming traffic of Athens and influences severely the ecological conditions of the west communities of Athens. Therefore, any attempt for plantation needs to start from the heart of the mountainous area, which is the plantation of the Egaleo mountain. The rainfall received is in accordance to the prevailing climatic conditions and 100 to 150 days of rain / year is considered to be a dry period for the area.

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