Dot  Approach - Technique applied

     The specific action was a pilot action and was based on special prototype materials which were placed in the planting pit at the moment the sapling was being planted. It concerns the Hydroval polymer and the Bioval fertilizer. These materials were produced at an industrial scale for the first time worldwide, especially for the needs of Perama Municipality action.

     Hydroval has the ability to retain a quantity of water 150 times greater than its weight. This amount of water does not evaporate, neither does it infiltrate into the ground, but it is preserved for the development of the saplings, which, as a result, need less irrigations. Bioval is a fertilizer insoluble in water, containing nutritious elements which are gradually consumed by the plant.

     The tree plantings were mainly carried out by specialized technical companies, however, there was also an active participation of volunteers, especially by the students of our town.

     Two (2) roads were constructed for the needs of the project, which are also used by the residents for access to Horafa.

     Furthermore, the reforestation area was fenced in order to protect it from uncontrollable pasturing.

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